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Sena Aires Science and Education College is highly ranked institution according to the Federal Ministry of Education Exam.

We offer Bachelor Degree Courses in Health Sciences such as Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Nursing.

Great infrastructure and highly skilled faculty members.

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What makes us unique

Sena Aires College is a traditional college in the State of Goiás, Brazil. We have over 20 years of experience and dedication towards education. Our facilities include whole campus high speed wireless conection free for every student, our laboratories are equipped for biochemist analysis and pharmacology experiments. Several laboratories for nursing practices and a special Clinic, open to public, for pro bono health services including physiotherapy sessions free for the community.

Modern Structure

FACESA keeps its scructure up to par to the most modern educational technologies available

Our curriculum is strongly based on skills and competencies considered critical to each and every course offered.

We focus on offering courses that are flexible and will improve your professional skills and employability

Total Accessibility

FACESA has a deep understanding of the difficulties in learning process.

For that matter, we dedicated to grant an open and receiving space for you, regardless of any type of disability

To deal with any occurences, our Acessibility department shall grant you any help you might need, regarldess of physical aspects of accessibility as well as metodological ones.

Learning with Modern Technology and Human Touch


"FACESA College is compromised to offering high quality courses while spreading scientific knowledge, bringing its alumni a world view focused on technical and humanistic approch of real world problems while it contributes to the development of its region of incluence."


Bachelor's Degree (4 Years)


Bachelor's Degree (4 Years)


Bachelor's Degree (4 Years)

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